Problem accessing facility to create a newly defined place for my project despite having 50+ verifiable observations

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Step 1: We have more than 50 verifiable observations

Step 2: Acess our project, “Wildlife in The Bourtons - North Oxfordshire”

Step 3: As the administrator I click on Edit Project and access edit page
Step 4: Click on More and select Places and go to map page
Step 5: The facility to define/add a new place is missing

Question - Does the project need 50+ verifiable observations or is it the project administrator themselves ie myself that needs them before the Add a new place facility is displayed?
Or ami I missing something?
Appreciate your help please.

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Welcome to the forum!
The person creating the place needs to have 50 verifiable observations (you currently have 45). After you get to 50, you may need to wait an hour or two for the system to register the change.

As a side note, place creation and project creation are independent, i.e. you don’t need to be an admin on a project to create a place that that project will use.


Thanks for the quick response. All sorted now!

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