Places removed from atlas after split

I atlased all output taxa before this split and all were labelled as such.

After committing, all places were removed from the atlas of P. candei, making it labelled as “Not Atlased”. It does have an active atlas, but there are no longer any places in it.

I’m not sure if this is replicable as it doesn’t seem to have happened in other splits. Perhaps it’s because P. candei was both an input and an output taxon, but that didn’t affect this split. Perhaps it’s because P. candei had observations as an input taxon, but not as an output taxon.

I suppose it’s possible I had not actually added the places to the atlas, but the history shows that I at least exploded them. The history doesn’t show place additions or removals before activation. I am sure that all taxa were labelled as “Atlased” before the split, though, so it would at least be a bug that an active atlas without places was labelled as “Atlased” before the split but “Not Atlased” after.

Happened again here:

But not here: