Plant phenology charts no longer click responsive

Charts still show pop-up annotation counts when hovering but no longer respond to clicking. (Using Chrome).
Has this feature been removed or is this a bug?


Also Chrome.
Works for me.

Working for me in Chrome

I’ve noticed the same a few days ago. Firefox in my case, both when logged in and logged out - clicking does not work anymore. For now my workaround is to edit the URL and append &term_id=12&term_value_id=13 manually.

The firefox web console shows this for every click:

Uncaught TypeError: n.seasonalityChart.unselect is not a function

I can’t get it to work on Firefox either.

Same on Chrome, see below


@tiwane Looks like a bug to me.

just for a bit of clarity, i think the clicking here refers to clicking on a point in the graphs, which should bring up the Explore page filtered for the observations that correspond to the point that you clicked.

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That is a function I was never aware off. Have never got more than a small popup list. Number of obs flowering, fruiting etc.

Still not working, producing the same error.
Is it possible to have this elevated to a Bug report?

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