Batch adding to a project

Semi new to inaturalist.
Is there any way to batch add somebody else’s observations to your project?

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I don’t believe so, but you can vote for this feature request:
Bulk Selection of Observations to Add to a Project - Feature Requests - iNaturalist Community Forum

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if you’re talking about a collection project, you should be able to automatically include other people’s observations using the appropriate project filter.

if you’re talking about a traditional project, there’s not any standard functionality to do this, but you can automate the process of adding observations to projects using the iNaturalist API. if you need help with something like that, if you look at the last part of the thread linked by star3 above, there’s someone who has written something to add observations to projects.


The automation program @jeanphilippeb made was very helpful for me. You just mess with the filters - location (ability to draw boxes and circles very helpful), user(s), dates, taxa - and then when you have only obs you want to add show up in your search results, you plug in that URL. I did have a few that were hard to include or exclude with the URL so I added or removed them manually after doing a batch. And at one point I don’t remember why I had a bunch that I couldn’t get a good URL for so I opened up a text box on the right side of my screen and could hover my cursor over each observation on the left side (obs in list view) and see the link URL which gave me the obs number which I typed into the text box. The program has the option to add using a list of obs numbers instead of a search URL.


The URL thing has not yet worked for me and I’ve been trying it lots. I’m starting to feel like maybe I am just blacklisted by God. But I’m probably just somehow messing it up. Seems more likely.

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I have just updated the software (the API now requires using HTTPS) for someone else.

Available for download from “Transfer Big Files” (link expiring on 28th March):

Instructions in the “Release Notes” file.

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