Problem connecting to SoundCloud

The last time I posted a sound observation was in 2018, and it is linked to SoundCloud. I’m using a different laptop now. I probably have changed my passwords since then.

Upload>SoundCloud>Confirm Now
“Allow “iNaturalist” access to your SoundCloud account?
You’re signed in as:
Wait, that’s not me.Sign out!”

If I just Connect, iNat returns “invalid_credentials”.
If I start over from Upload, sign out from SC and enter my SC login info, I also get “invalid_credentials”.
I tried a few various ways of trying to do this yesterday, and one time I got “csrf_detected”. I don’t remember what it was that I did differently at this point, and I haven’t been able to get it again, but maybe it’s a clue.

Platform: website

Browser: Chrome



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Unfortunately SoundCloud changed things on their end that made connecting with them incompatible (although it’s possible some linked accounts might still work - they did at one time).

You can upload sounds directly now, either in the web uploader or via an existing observation page.