Problem to add an observation to a project

I’m not sure why it is not possible to add this observation:

To this project:

Apparently the observation fulfill all the requirements, but still not possible. I would appreciate any help.

Only the observations of three specific users can be in this project. The observation is by a different user.

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I have a similar problem. I created a project and added the participants for a window survey over two days at a specific location. However, the participants, including myself, couldn’t add the observations to the project. Additionally, the project didn’t automatically receive the observations, except for one exceptional case. So, I have no idea how to resolve this and how to input the observations into the project.

It would help to post a link to the project you are having trouble with.

You can check out the documentation on projects here:
You should specifically look at the difference between traditional and collection projects as this is often the key issue in whether or not observations are added to a project or not.

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It looks like the observations were made before the project start time.

If you edit the time and make it a little earlier, you should see more observations automatically show up in the project.

I had forgotten to adjust the time of day. Thank you very much.

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