Problem with long links in project description

When I added the link to the original og photo used for project banner, it went this way:

A workaround is to use the shorter URL:Пруд_и_дорога_возле_монастыря.jpg
Browsers usually copy such URLs in URL encoded format but you can replace the URL encoding with the proper text by copying it separately or typing it yourself (spaces should be encoded though).

Or you could use some URL shortener.

Still, it’s an interface bug though. It should wrap to a new line

The proper way to cite the source of the image is to link to the description page, not to the image directly. Like this:Пруд_и_дорога_возле_монастыря.jpg
There people can see the license, author and description

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I copy the url as you show it, from the adress bar, it’s saved as it’s on screenshot, not with normal letters.

So, it seems I have to write in https part and then it will be shown correctly?
And your link does go to the second line.

So, it seems I have to write in https part and then it will be shown correctly?

I’m not able to replicate that, either in English or if I copy and paste the exact text from your project (and use the long image URL):

If anyone can replicate it that would be great. Please include your browser information as well.

I use Chrome 109.0.5414.122.
I tried adding the same link to a different project description, and it’s the same there:

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I think there are three different issues. One is generally unsolvable (partly by the browser settings), one on the browser side, and one more on the project side:

  1. Encoding. To simplify things a bit, only ASCII table characters can be used directly in the HTTP(S) query string. UTF-8 characters (e.g., Cyrillic characters) are included in the address in encoded form. Their display depends on the browser settings and the availability of required fonts. Of course, if the browser has no Cyrillic fonts, it won’t be able to render the characters “Пруд”, but only show their codes – “%D0%9F%D1%80%D1%83%D0%B4”.

  2. Breaking long lines. Since it works correctly for other users, it’s probably a feature of your browser, not a site’s frontend.

  3. Link to file. The correct link was given above. This image has an author and a license. I’m not a lawyer, but I doubt that use without attribution (a direct link to the image file, not its page) meets the requirements of the CC BY-SA 4.0 license (which is indicated on the file page on Wikipedia).

The project page in my browser (Firefox 110.0, localization – Ru):

That links allows others to see where the photo came from and author’s name, I doubt anyone would go to court over this, they can write to me if somehow they find it out and think that linn was insufficient.
Of course project shows a different link, because I’ve changed it.