Problem with photos

Yesterday, I had no trouble uploading photos to post on iNat. Today, my photos no longer appear when I check “my observation” although yesterdays photos do appear on my project sites.
Has anyone else had this problem and do you have a recommendation for how to fix the problem? Thank you

If you just uploaded observations, they won’t show now, wait a little.
Though I’m intrigued why this is casual and whatever I do it doesn’t get refreshed.

Are the observations in question the ones you just flagged? If so, I see them in your observation list. Are you checking on mobile or desktop?

It’s casual because dtwilliams flagged it.

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Ah, thank you, I was confused.

It has been explained to me that In my effort to get my photos to appear, I flagged my own sightings which created the “casual” designation. My apologies for any confusion. I hope all is fixed. Still don’t know why the photos didn’t appear.

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Without knowing exactly which pages you were looking at, it’s difficult to say. If you can provide URLs of those pages, that would help a lot.

tiwane, you should look at those 10 or so flags that were changed from “Spam” to “Other”. These are now resolved.

I understand the flag issue. I’m referring to the pages @dtwilliams said their photos did not appear on, ie why casual grade observations did not appear on those pages.

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