Casual not showing up in project

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


Description of problem:
I created a collection project for my April observations as part of my community’s Nature in Place challenge. In the Observation Requirements, I set the data quality to include casual, but my casual observations are not showing up in the project.

Could you give a link to a specific observation which isn’t turning up? It seems like they’re all there to me?

This observation of a Northern Leopard Frog is casual because there’s no photo. It’s in my observations but not my project.

ETA: I think the glitch might be on the project end as the observation was included in two other projects.

That one isn’t showing up because you haven’t specified the date you observed it, but your project requires all observations to be in a specific date range (April 2 to May 15)

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Heads up that this lack of a date observed is also the reason why the observation is casual, not because it doesn’t have a photo. Sound file observations are treated the same as photo observations and can also reach research grade

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Oh! Thanks! I uploaded it through the app so I just assumed that time/date stamp would follow. But I guess there’s no exif file with a sound file?


I’m unsure about how metadata works with sound files uploaded via the app. I have an iPhone so I can only upload photos via the app; if I want to upload sounds I have to send to myself and do it via the desktop.

When you record files within the Android app, the date and location are grabbed automatically. But if you import an existing audio file, it (in all likelihood) won’t have complete metadata so you’ll have to add it manually.