What does "place geometry can't be blank" mean?

While trying to upload a KML file to create a new place, I received the singular error message “place geometry can’t be blank”. What do I have to do to fix the KML file? I have minimal experience in GIS.

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is that the error message in its entirety? And where in the world are you trying to make the new place for?

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Yes, that’s the only error message. The new place is ~1000 km² and is located in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada.

The iNat KML uploader is relatively picky, so there is probably an issue with the file. Can you paste it here? You can also try looking at other similar threads as this comes up every so often.

I got this issue too when trying to add a place from Google Earth. Instead of using the line function in Google Earth, use the polygon function and export the KML. This should hopefully solve the issue!

this most likely means that your KML file is invalid. iNat expects your file to contain a single polygon or multipolygon feature. having just a point or a boundary line won’t work.

even after you fix your file, it’s possible your place could still end up being too big. you also have to make sure your place doesn’t contain too many observations.

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