Problems installing iNaturalist app on a Huawei phone

Platform (Android):

I was showing a newbie how to download the app on his phone. His phone is a Huawei. He hadn’t signed up for Google Play so I showed him how to do that, and it worked, then we found the iNat app in the Play store. The app downloaded but would not install. It kept throwing up error messages. The phone had its own app store that had an iNat app in it, but I didn’t recognise the icon so I said, rather don’t for now.

By this time I was suspicious and Googled ‘Android App problems on Huawei phones’. Wow. I’m not a US resident (I’m in South Africa) so I had only heard rumours about the US Government’s insistence that Google not license Android to Huawei. That was some time ago, and there are legions of work arounds available on Google and YouTube. I assume that people can use iNat on a Huawei? If it’s impossible that will be a real problem in SA because the locals love and trust the Chinese… Huawei and other Chinese devices are very popular. Is there a specific work around that the admins can vouch for? This is potentially a problem for our participation in City Nature Challenge.

He has signed up for iNat on his PC via the website, so he can upload images, but he needs to use his phone in the field.

I can’t help with the phone, but you can transfer phone images to computer, it’s easier and faster than using the app, so it’s a nice workaround.
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Managed to find an English language version at I’ve sent it to my Huawei-owning friend, let’s see if it works!


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