Accessing iNat app on Huawei phones

As a result of a ban on trading with the US, Huawei can’t access Google Play.
How is it possible for someone with a Huawei phone to download the iNat App?

Had someone today who wanted to access the app on a Huawei phone but could not.

If this has been answered somewhere else, please point me to the link and accept my apologies.

Thank you


Are you familiar with APK?
have you tried this
pretty sad that ban, honestly, Huawei are good and afordable mobiles :(
hope this could help!

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Thank you.
No, not familiar with APK.
I will need to ask someone who has a Huawei to check it for me. I have a Samsung and USA not cross with them yet.:grinning:

Does using a VPN get your around that?

Thank you.
I got someone to try it and it works.

I am no expert but I think not. I am in a total different continent with different network, and still does not access Google Play.
Probably blocked at Google side somehow.
System check, Huawei phone. No go

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