Process to update taxon photos and checklists after taxon change?

Is there a formal process for updating the taxon page photos (default and others) and checklists that show as ranges on the taxon map after a taxon change?

Case at hand: Recently, Diplacus cusickii was split, with most of the original range going to a new species D. cusickioides, and D. cusickii narrowly restricted to a small area in SE Oregon and SW Idaho (Nesom 2013, At some point the new species was added to iNat, but without a formal taxon split. I’ve been reviewing the observations of cusickii that were out of the restricted new range for the species. All of these I identified as cusickioides with the result that there are no longer any RG observations of cusickii.

Looking at the taxon page for cusickii, I noted that all the photos were either identifiable as cusickioides, or were not from within the new range of cusickii, so I deleted them. Unfortunately, I could not find any photos on the web that were clearly cusickii sensu stricto, so the taxon now has no default photo. Was this the right thing to do? I also noted that the taxon map showed range in several counties outside the species’ range, and wonder how to correct that – is there an easy way, or just track down and hand edit the county checklists?. (Note that as of today, all of the range errors in Oregon have cleared up, but there are still two counties in California showing on the map.)

Thanks in advance for your help!

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