¨Processing¨ message during uploading

Hi! I just have a problem uploading records, some records show the message processing, and when I try to send the records, appear a warning message preventing loss of records. Any help?
By the way, iNaturalist is really an excellent app!

Hi Antonio,

Uploading might be slower than usual right now because of the heavy load iNaturalist is under from the City Nature Challenge. Luckily, you have until 9 in the morning your time on Monday, May 6 to get all your observations uploaded! So you could wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to see if uploading is going faster then.

Also be sure that all the metadata has loaded on your photos before you try to submit your observations as well. If you see a note under the photos that says “Loading metadata…” then give it some more time - until you don’t see that message under any photo - before hitting the “Submit observations” button.

Hope that helps!

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