Profile photo reverts to old one upon save

Platform: Windows 11, website

Browser: Firefox

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Description of problem:

Optional Step 0: Click ‘Remove Photo’ (seems to work)

Step 1: Click ‘Upload New Photo’ and select new photo (seems to work)

Step 2: Click ‘Save Settings’ (old photo reloads itself)

No matter whether I remove the old photo first or not, the old photo keeps reloading itself. The photo I’m trying to get rid of is one where I’m holding an alligator skull. The photo I’m trying to replace it with is a headshot in front of a gorge. The old photo is not even saved on the computer I’m working on, so its must be iNaturalist itself not deleting it, then replacing my new photo with it.

I see this photo:

I think that’s the one you want? Maybe your browser has cached the older info?

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This is almost certainly a caching issue, see previous bug reports like:

If you do a hard refresh from your browser, you may see the new pic. It can also be an Amazon caching issue, which generally refreshes fairly quickly.