How can i allow people to add observation in my project?

Hi everybody, i have created a project. However, when someone wants to make an observation and add it to my project, it does not appear or appears in gray. I was told to go to the project settings and in “membership model” put “open”. But this information does not appear in my settings…
Thanks for your help!

Could you link that project please?

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That’s an umbrella project with collection all projects within it, you can’t manually add observations to those, users need to join your project to get the badge of it on observations.


ow…, I thought I had created a framework project… is this the type of project I should choose?
Thank you

If you wanted to have a project that accumulates that data, you did it right, but it sounds as you wanted to have projects where people have to put observations manually in? What is the goal of those projects? Is it to collect all data about those taxa or to have particular observations only? Because your project description mentions France, but projects within your umbrella are global.

Indeed, I would like people to add their comments to my project. It is a project limited to the French Mediterranean, so only rays and shark from french Mediterranean. I added worldwide projects otherwise I could not validate my project…

You need to create a collectional project with a location (not sure if there’s one for the sea or country place would fit, or you need to upload your own one) and taxon filters.

I found Rays and Sharks from Mediterranean

I can only put other projects…

No, you need to start another type of project, that is an umbrella one and it’s not what you need, you need to choose collectional on a start project page.

Ok i’ll try! thank you !

This is the new one

I have created a collectional projet that i put in my framework project. But people still can’t add the project to their observation…

You chose the whole Mediterranean as a place, not only France. If you just choose a place that fits you don’t need people to add anything, observations will be added automatically, as they are now (but you also chose all observations, not excluding casual ones). If you really want to have manual aspect, then start a traditional project, but it would take more time from users.


Ok thank you so much !

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Hi, i looking for how to create a traditional project, because i can only choose between collection and framework…
I would like to add my projet on observations, but it’s not working, how can i do please?

You didn’t need to create a second topic on that project, link to create a traditional project is in text below on create project page, it’s the last sentence of that page.

How do I add my project to the observations please ?

I don’t have any link…

if you scroll further down on the page, there should be a link to create a “traditional” project:

but you may need a certain number of verifiable observations before you can make such a project.