Project of a specific geographic area w/o geographic limits

I’m a member and main contributor to a project which should have a geographic limit by definition - it is a large state park in the Northeast US. However, the project coordinator has plainly not set any geographic limit and I have inadvertently added several observations which are obviously outside the area of the project. I discovered my error and deleted these observations from this project. I have messaged the administrator and suggested that he define the geographic limits to the project, but thus far without any response. Just wondering if there is any other action I can take as a member to define the limits of the project.

No, even curators have no power to change the terms of a project, sorry.

As some consolation, if the coordinator isn’t around to add a boundary, they probably aren’t very concerned with errant observations. You could make a new project with the correct boundary if you want.


Exactly. The fix is to start a new project with the limits properly defined.


I did think of that option, as there seems to be very little activity by the other members of the project - just 11 members, and of the approximately 2100+ observations, over 2000 of them are mine. Thanks, may start a new project - with geographic boundary.


OK - went ahead and did start the new project as suggested. With geographic boundaries. Hope to get some interest from friends and others interested in the particular region specified. Thanks

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