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Can I start a simple project with one observer?

Yes, of course, in traditional project add a setting to “only moderators can add observations”, in collectional project add a setting for observer adding the name there.

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I would like to keep it open to other folks to add observations if they want to. The location will be public so which type is better? The traditional or collectional?

So, you don’t need this project for one observer, it’s just a single observer there at the moment? What this project is about? Traditional projects are used only in cases where you need additional filters, if it just needed for a location for all/certain taxa collectional project is easier.

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All things being equal, collection is easier than traditional. Unless you need the specific features in traditional, go with collection.

I would like to collect observations in a specific location throughout the seasons. Right now all my observations from different locations are showing up as if they were a collection of images on Pinterest. I thought that if I start a project and associate a specific area to it I could collect those observations in one place. Do I make sense?

Well, the choices are collection projects or umbrella projects. And the winner is…the Collection Projects!

Yes, a collection project is basically a saved search for observations that does a lot of nice displaying, so it sounds like this will work best for you! An umbrella project just pulls multiple collection projects together, so if you have multiple projects for different locations, etc. Hope it goes well!

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It’s just an experiment. I am curious to know how much diversity there is in an abused vacant lot.

Definitely. I made one just for my yard. There’s lots of different parameters you can set. So far I’m the only guy but if someone with iNat came to visit and submitted a Blue Jay it would pop up in my project.


I wish there were a way to obscure the images of certain observations with a filter and add a warning sign, and have a “view” button that the viewer can click if she/he decides to see the images. Some folks who are not member of iNaturalist but still interested in looking at observations cannot handle graphic images of dead animals.

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If it’s really bad, maybe you can censor your first image by coloring black marks over the gory bits and leave a few identifiable traits (like a raccoon’s tail) then add all your other untouched photos after it so the first image you see is the default not-so-bad one and if anyone trying to ID can scroll past to the full photos. Just a suggestion. I’ve never tried it.

Nice idea. You might also lead with a wide-angle photo that doesn’t show the gory parts in detail, then put the potentially disturbing photos behind it. For example, lead with a wide-angle photo of a glass-walled building and adjacent pavement with an image of a dead bird that is too small to see much detail, then put close-ups of the bird in later photos. It would help to use a Note to indicate that it’s a dead animal so that viewers are warned.

Nature is what it is, not always pretty, and iNaturalist ought to be a place to observe all of nature; however, it’s 7:18 am local time and I don’t necessarily want to see up-close photos of dead things with my morning coffee.

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