Starting new project with NOT-automatic data

Hello! How can I start new collection project, but with the data that must be selected by users, not by automatic iNaturalist search engine? Let say, the project about “birds sitting on roofs” or “Leucobryum glaucum with capsules” or “plants destroyed by heavy forest equipement” (I hope this example give the idea of what I mean). I don’t know how to make proper settings in the field “observation requirements”, for instance if I set “birds” for my first example, the project starts to add all birds observations (millions of them!).
Thanks in advance!

You’ll need to make a traditional project, not a collection project. See


The option for creating traditional projects is pretty hidden on the page for creating projects. You have to scroll past the two big buttons for collection and umbrella projects to the very last sentence on the page and click on the text link to create a traditional project.

As I’ve noted before, this design choice for the page seems unfortunate and I don’t understand the rationale for deemphasizing traditional projects so much that people may not be able to figure out how to create them.


Thank you for help. It seems I need stronger glasses, as I missed the information. ;) Seems it works: