Projects: add initially added admin as a user rule fails

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After I created the new yearlisting collection project for the iNaturalist Discord members for 2022, I found that I could not add user rules for any of the initially added admins.

Step 1: Create a collection project with several people added initially as admins.

Step 2: Start adding user rules for observations of users to include in the project, including the project owner: all adds were successful.

Step 3: Add any admin to the project’s user rules. The operation fails (see screenshot above). The user is not added and an error message is shown instead:

{"project_observation_rules.operator":["has already been taken"]}


Step 1: Edit the project again to remove the user as admin for the project and save. Observe that the removed admin is not listed in the user rules before saving but is shown in the user rules after saving.

Step 2: Add the user that was removed in step 1 back as an admin and save. This time it is successful as is confirmed in the next step. As an aside, with this save (and every successful save), it shows the TypeError: Failed to fetch error message I reported in Project edit fails to return to project page after Save back in May as per this screenshot:

Step 3: Confirm success: when I refresh the page, it now lists the user both in user rules and at the bottom as an admin.

Are you adding admins when you initially create the project, or after you create the project and the users join the project? IMO being able to add admins upon project creation (which you can do at the moment) shouldn’t be possible - I think that’s a bug or at least should be changed. You should only be able to add members of a project as admins.

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Adding admins when I initially create the project. This saves the step of chasing down each member of the moderator team to get them to join the project before I can add them as admins. I did not know it was not supported. It accomplishes this in one step: 1. adds them as an admin 2. joins them to the project.

From now on, I’ll go back to doing it the other way, then: 1. ask them all to follow the project 2. monitor the project joins and remind as needed until all admins have followed it 3. as each admin follows the project, add them as an admin. It’s extra steps, which is why we haven’t been doing that the last few times, but I don’t want to rely on undocumented / buggy behaviour.