Adding an admin now first needs to be a member of the project?

I just now wanted to add a user as an admin to a project that I created for them.
However I cannot do this, as I am simply not able to add any other user as an admin to a project.

it reads: “Note: these users will be able to edit ALL project details including admins. Admins must be existing members of the project.

Is this something new? I am pretty sure that I was able to add users as admins to projects before that previously did not join the project.

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Yes, it is a fairly recent update to require that someone must have joined a collection project before you can make them an admin. I got hung up on this myself yesterday ;-)


this was the thought process behind the change: i’m thinking it’s addressing the same problem as described in @cmcheatle’s feature request:


I guess I’ll have to check github more often to keep up to date with changes that are made

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