How can I create a proyect only with arthropods interacting with flowers?

Hi, I want to begin a proyect about floral visitors, but I don´t know how to delimit the observations when they only have flowers involved.

It´s my first time here, sorry.


Pretty sure you’d have to make a Traditional Project and manually add every observation that fits the requirements.


You can also make a collection project of arthropods with an observation fields that indicates they are on flowers. You still have to manually add the observation fields though.


this doesn’t seem like a bug report. more like a general question.

can you add observation fields in a collection project setup?

Yes but only one field. But if you wanted multiple you could use an umbrella project.

where on the project setup page do you set this up? i’m not seeing anything for observation field.

I was just checking and I only see annotations being a choice, and only just one.

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it would be so nice if there was a way for users to add other people’s observations to a Traditional Project in batches

it would save so much time and energy

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There’s a recent thread about this: Lots of good advice and suggestions available on the forum!

yes I’ve been following some of those threads for years. I’m just reiterating how nice it would be to have those features implemented

Have you tried the software referenced in that thread?

umm… the link expired March 28th…as per the note in the linked post…

Sorry yes looks like it’s just annotations, not all observation fields.

I made a feature request for that back in 2019:

Bulk Selection of Observations to Add to a Project

The user noted:

so it didn’t seem like an unreasonable question. I think it would be good to know if the software @jeanphilippeb made is meeting people’s need for this or not. He might be able to repost if there’s interest.

That said since OPs specific question has been answered, if there’s continued discussion of bulk adding a project, we should probably continue that on the existing open thread:

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Apologies, I don’t know what I was thinking when I posted that. Absolutely agree.

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New link for download (expiring on 25th April):

Instructions in the “Release Notes” file.


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