Proud of my nodding trillium observations

Before this spring, there were three nodding trillium observations in New Hampshire, two of them blooming.

Before yesterday, there were three blooming nodding trillium observations in New Hampshire. Yesterday, I added twelve. In an area I’ve been watching for them, around one of the first three.

I’m the top nodding trillium observer in the world. Double the second.

A bunch of my pre-flowering observations in the same small area are reasonably not yet flagged research grade. But I’ll keep watching this area regularly, and I think if I find no other types blooming by July (when no red or painted trilliums have been seen flowering in the state), it’ll be fair to call them research grade. And I think that’ll provide a significantly improved set of examples of what they look like before blooming.

@quietlymagical showed me the first one. All of her New Hampshire nodding trillium observations have been in the same spot.

@ddennism has been very helpful in identifying them:

New Hampshire nodding trillium observations:


You know that means I’m going to have to go find more Nodding Trilliums now, right? Oh, what a shame!

More seriously, congrats!

Lynn Harper/MassWildlife


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