Project Drop Down Menu List Inquiry (2nd time around for this same issue.)

The topic “Project Drop Down Menu List Inquiry” was closed in May 16, 2020 and my particular issue was not addressed.

The project name, “Van Cortlandt Park Biodiversity Project” of which I’m one of the administrators, randomly disappears and then reappears over time, for days or weeks, and I don’t know what to do about it except go through my dash board and click the tab “Your Projects” where all the projects that I’m signed up are listed. The question is, why doesn’t the project listing stay in place under the tab “Community” menu, under “Your Recent Projects”?

Thank you!

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You can bookmark your project. Recent Projects is not useful.

if you’re talking about, i think this is unrelated to what you’re describing.

what you’re talking about sounds more like, and this thread probably should be merged into that bug report.

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see existing topic