Records showing up multiple times in photo viewer,

I’ve noticed this for years, but we were pulling out photos for a project today, and I realized I ought to look this up. Apologies if this has been posted before, since I know its been going on for years, but I couldn’t find any instances in the forums.

Basically, if I go to a species page and look through photos, the same ones show up over and over. They aren’t duplicates, in the sense of the same photo but different records, instead, the viewer is just showing the same records over and over again. Note, it seems to me that this occurs whether there are ten photos or ten thousand photos, and it doesn’t seem to occur every time, confusingly.

Here’s a screenshot where you can see it.

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The cause may be problems with slow internet, or loadshedding / power cuts. Or, you know, didn’t realise I have DONE that batch already.

It’s clunky - but - I leave a comment on each one
Duplicate of … insert the other obs no - please delete one.

If they are older obs and the observer has gone, dormant - then they are permanently broken records.

This is a known and long-standing bug that actually pre-dates the forum. I’m going to close this report in favor of the first report of it on the forum:

It will probably be fixed when the Explore page is rewritten, and for now, you can often fix it temporarily by refreshing the page.