Related Observation field unavailable

On an observation page, it’s possible to add multiple Related Observations if you do so all at once.


However, if you add one related obs, then leave the obs page, when you later return, the Related Observations field is not available in the Observation Fields menu.


Guessing that the behavior of the or nearby element just needs a minor change for additional related obs to work.

Fortunately there’s a workaround. You can still add more Related obs if you Edit the observation, but this is an extra step that seems unnecessary.

Platform (Android, iOS, Website):


Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) :


this isn’t really a bug. you can’t add the same observation field to an observation more than once. if you want to note multiple related observations in the field, just modify the value associated with the existing observation field on that observation. it’s just a text field. so you can edit the text to whatever you like.

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In that case the bug is the opposite: if a field can have only one instance, then shouldn’t the option to add a related obs become unavailable immediately upon use (i.e. the first screenshot)?

you can request that as a new feature, but it’s still not really a bug. every little extra bit of logic requires someone to think of it and add it, and it’s not always a given that a developer will take the time to think of every possible workflow and convenence feature and code that in.

I’m a developer, so I get it, but a behavior that induces people to enter data that’s inconsistent with the actual data structure is definitely a bug. It’s very minor so I’m happy to let it go - I’m sure there are other things much higher on the list.