Trouble sliding through photos on Identify Suggestions tab

Oftentimes, on the iNat website I cannot move to the following photo on the identify-compare page, even when I know there are following photos:

Here it is not working:

After several minutes, I got it to finally work:

After numerous attempts to reach the following photos, it sometimes works, but it’s annoying when I can’t remember which species has what diagnostic characters and need to recheck when it doesn’t work half the time. Is this fixable?

Please provide all the info that you can in the template when submitting bug reports. For instance here, it would certainly be useful to know the type of device (mobile, desktop) and browser. It would also be good to have a link to a specific page that generates the error at least sometimes.

Additionally, can you give a little more info here about how you are trying to

What specific action/s are you unable to execute sometimes but not others? A screen recording might help.

I am using the desktop. I can only move through photos by clicking on them.