Require nominated project admins to accept role

Right now you can be nominated to be a project admin with no knowledge.

With the ongoing issue of spam projects

Eventually people are going to get mistakenly suspended.

Users should get a message indicating someone has assigned them as a project admin and requiring them to confirm their acceptance

Out of votes, but supporting


Agreed – adding other users as project admins / managers then makes the project badge show up on that person’s observations, presumably which would be annoying to the observer and also contribute to the spam problem.



You can now only make someone an admin if they have joined a project, which should prevent the spam problem and the badge problem. Can I close this, or do you think a notification of some kind should be sent?

Do they already get a notification like other members do, that the project has had a change to the admin group?

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Wow, not good.

Unlike a traditional project, admins/owners of a collection project never have access to hidden coordinates, so no notification is sent to project members of a collection project if an admin or owner is changed.