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I am very new here so forgive the newby question. When I “explore” on inaturalist on my Android phone, I can see clearly which local observations are RG or not (the green box label). However I don’t have this same green RG label on the RG observations on “My Observations” list. I have about 135 observations and I know some of them are RG as when I expand them, it shows the ID history and grade. How do I change settings to get that green box label back on the photo page for “My Observations” . Thanks for your help.

Also, I should say as a new inaturalist (about 10 days), I’m so grateful for the diligence and engagement of experts with my humble observations and I am learning so much and having a lot of fun with this app. Thank you so much.


Hi, and welcome to iNaturalist!
As far as I know, there isn’t a way to get a RG marker in the My Observations section. Sounds like a great idea, though. If there isn’t already an existing Feature Request, why don’t you make one?



I´m also new to iNaturalism (the same 10 days give or take) and have had the exact same “problem”!

There is a workaround to this: when in “my observations” if you are seing the tab for “species” and click “see more species” a new tab “Exploring all” opens. If you then change from “species” to “observations” the “RG” label appears.

Hope this helps!!



I assume you are using the phone app instead of the website? The website is more full featured than the app (see example):

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Thanks Paulo. Yes, I saw this too. It shows all the observations in my area including mine. Its wierd that you can’t see it on just your own observations right? Anyway, thanks for the reply. Fun that we started at the same time. I am really enjoying it!

OK I did it. Hope I did it right! Please vote on it.

Closing this thread to focus discussion on the Feature Request: