App does not give RG info easily

My standard procedure is to open the iNat Android app to see if there have been any confirmations of my observations, including if they have become RG (research grade). I cannot see this activity from the app’s main/default page so i click the menu and select activity.
However, mentally I am looking to see if any have been made RG or not. It seems like that info would be front and centre but i can’t see it with the grid or list views on the main page and i can’t even see it if i click on an observation (neither the info or comment tabs).
What am I doing “wrong”? Surely RG is fundamental info. If i go to Explore in the app there is a green RG on each observation including mine, but it is not on the default app page which shows my observations.
(I’ve put this in General because I might have something switched incorrectly and don’t yet know if it’s a missing feature or bug.)
(I did search for this in the forum’s but didn’t see anything.)

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RG isn’t particularly important to me personally but as you say if you go to Explore and select Show Only My Observations you can see it easily there. Changes to the existing form of the app aren’t high priority as the app is being cokpletely redesigned.


It’s there in the Info tab of the observation, under the map. But yes, it’s not super prominent.

Unless something radical changes it’ll be there in the new app.

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