Genus-level RG "leaking"

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Step 1: I have an observation to which I added a genus-level ID.

Step 2: Then, someone else agreed.

Step 3: Then, the next user added a species-level ID (I think overconfidently) and hit “it is as good as it can be”. At the top line of the observation page now, it is indicated as RG at the species level, while on the right-hand side panel, the community taxon is the genus.

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This doesn’t sound like a bug to me. If the vote is incorrect, add a countervote or ask the voter why they voted that way.


FWIW, the observation is RG for the Community Taxon, which is at genus.


this is the same as:


Maybe technically correct, still misleading as it looks like the species-level ID is RG:

Especially in grid view:


Yes, it looks like that!

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see existing bug report