Richmond shows up as "Richmond city county"

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Step 1: When creating a project I have to add “Richmond city county”, then “Greater Richmond Metro Area”. Can this be made just “Richmond”?

Step 2: This also poses problems for other projects, in which the user is unaware of this fact, and valuable obs go unnoticed. They only put one of the two, excluding the other. Can this be fixed, for user convenience?

Step 3:

If you’re writing this about Richmond in Virginia US, the “city county” thing is a quirk of how some states like VA or MD need to break out city/county jurisdictions within a database that will sort unambiguously. My own VA city is like that and I see it listed that way in state reference indices online. So if our own state is OK with it, iNat should be good to go too. ;)


Yes, I don’t think this is a bug. VA considers cities as separate to counties but equivalent in some ways (if you look at a county map of VA, the cities are depicted separately). I don’t think having to choose two locations for a project is is too much of an imposition.

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