Tabbing in Identify Changed

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Browser: Firefox, Chrome

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Description of problem: Tabbing functionality in the Identify modal has changed. I used to enter an identification using “I”, tab once to get to the “Tell us why” comment box and then tab again to access the “Save” button.

The first tab after entering an ID still takes me to the comment box, but the second Tab does not take me to “Save”. Instead it seems to a full frame of part of the right side of the modal (I can’t quite tell what is selected, and it doesn’t really show up on a screenshot). A third tab selects the map box. Tabbing all the way through does not lead to any selection of “Save.”

Tabbing to access the save button was very useful to move through IDs with the keyboard, so it would be great to have it back! I’ve replicated the issue in both Chrome and Firefox.

Maybe it’s related to the odd black-outline square in this area that is like some unwanted “focus area” on screen? It just appeared today maybe.

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Yes, that does seem new! I saw that once as well when tabbing (in Chrome I think - when I messed around in Firefox I couldn’t see any outlining at all).

The tab order was changed to allow scrolling with the keyboard.

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I personally don’t think the trade is worth it.

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This box also shows up when pressing “a”.

Wow, yes, this is definitely not a worthwhile trade for me. It makes IDing take a lot longer and also just seems to not make sense in general with how tab functions generally work on websites.

It seems like it should be possible for both functions to coexist (there doesn’t seem to be a reason that having the ability to scroll would require the Save button to be inaccessible via tabbing).

Would it be better to leave this as a bug report or file a feature request to re-add tabbing access to the “Save” button. My feeling is this is likely a bug (since the Github doesn’t reference removing the ability to select the “Save” button…).



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Just press enter after selecting the taxon. No tabbing required at all.

The tabbing is most useful when entering an ID comment.

Looks like it was already fixed. Working OK for me in Chrome.


Yes, fixed!