Save button in Identify dialog lacks highlight

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome, Firefox

Description of problem: Following the update to support Markdown syntax, when a user adds an ID on the Identify page, the “Agree” is not highlighted when it receives focus. To reproduce:

  1. Open an observation in the Identify dialog
  2. Add an ID (or not)
  3. Press Tab to move to the comment field. A blue highlight appears around the text entry box.

  1. Press Tab to move focus to the “Save” button. No highlight appears to indicate that the button has focus. (Previously, the “Save” button would be highlighted at this point.)

  1. Press Tab to move focus again. The “Add ID” button is highlighted (changes to gray).


Interesting. I hadn’t noticed this but can verify it happens for me in Chrome as well.


I should maybe have mentioned that I use the keyboard a lot to navigate the Identify dialog, and the lack of a highlight on the Save button makes it hard to know whether pressing Enter is going to save the observation or do something else entirely.

I agree the Save button should be highlighted, but if the cursor is in the ID box, pressing enter will save the ID (If you don’t want to add a remark).

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Thanks! I didn’t realize it was possible to press Enter to save the observation immediately after adding an ID.

(Still also hoping for the Save button’s focus highlight to be restored.)


However, in comment fields, be it together with the ID or as a separate comment, pressing the return key starts a new line.

So highlighting the ‘Save’ button in these case would be beneficial.

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It looks like this regression was just fixed. Thanks @kueda and @tiwane!

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