Saved Place Names to cut out repetition of entering same place name over and over again

I INAT at same places alot and actually have projects at the most frequently visited. I’m wondering if , to save time entering observations, there is a way to save a place name ie sort of a “speed place” that would direct map immediately to that area instead of typing in same place over and over or even pre-create a bunch of observations with the place and just enter the taxon and go directly to appropriate map - usually don’t have to type all of name but if your doing 30 observations after a walk it gets old fast


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Have you tried using Pinned Locations? They’re available in the Android app and through the web uploader, but I think not in iOS yet. This is what they look like in the web uploader:

You enter a location once and save it with the Pin icon in the bottom right. After that, it’s available in the list of Your Pinned Locations at the top.


That sounds like just what I’m looking for - thanks!


Here’s a tutorial video for the web uploader:

And one for geotagging your photos, if you use a dedicated camera:

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