Search for observations with a particular ID

I need to review all observations to which I’ve added an ID of Tiarella cordifolia since I probably introduced some errors early on.

This comes close:

But that selects a few extra observations, such as this one:

Is that the best I can do with the Identify tool?

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Does using taxon_id instead of ident_taxon_id do what you want?

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How about this?

I had to add parameter reviewed=any to the above query to obtain any output. But no, using taxon_id instead of ident_taxon_id is too restrictive. Too many observations are lost as a result.

Yes, that is precisely the list I’m interested in but of course it lacks the comfort of the Identify tool, which is a showstopper.

Thanks to both of you for assistance. In the end, I used the original query to review about 18 pages of observations. Close enough, I guess.

You’re welcome.
Indeed, 18 pages is bit heavy to open in tabs!

I believe this is as close as possible to what you’re trying to get, in the Identify tab:
reviewed=any or “yes” will make sure it doesn’t hide the observations you’ve ID’d
quality_grade=needs_id%2Cresearch shows everything besides Casual observations
ident_user_id=trscavo is self explanatory
ident_taxon_id=53789 restricts it to observations of which Tiarella cordifolia has been suggested
exact_taxon_id=53789 is what restricts it to observations which are currently EXACTLY at Tiarella cordifolia
This leaves you with ~15 pages instead of 18. There are a few faults, mainly being that the ID suggestions can be from anybody, and that this doesn’t show you observations that you ID’d as Tiarella cordifolia but someone disagreed with. I don’t know if there’s a solution for the former, but the latter is resolved by simply looking through your notifications and fixing said observations outside of the Identify tab.

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