Annotation filter is dropped from download query when using identify screen

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While it is well known (nudge, nudge) that you can not download annotations data, you can however using the filters on the identify screen generate a list of all records which have a particular annotation and/or annotation-value pair. And then download that knowing all the returned records contain the value.

However, when you choose to download the data via the downloads, the url parameters for the annotation are stripped out.

1 - Go to the identify screen, generate a list that includes the use of the annotations

Note the url this creates :

2 - Click the download link at the lower right of the modal dialogue (note cut off on screenprint). This takes you to the generic downloads page.

Note that in the query box at the bottom detailing the parameters of the search to export, the term_id and term_id_value have been removed.

Please note that it works if you cut and paste the parameters from the url in step 1 manually into the box on page 2, you will get the right data back, but few users will know that this is either possible (it is far from clear you can actually edit that box) or even more that it is the only way it works.

Please note this stripping of values may take place for other parameters on the filter dialogue, but I have not tested them.

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Thanks, I’ll add it to my weekly report.

Will probably have to wait for a total exporter revamp, unfortunately. It’s getting pretty creaky and really should be rebuilt.