Reorganize projects I admin on my projects page

I manage a number of both traditional collection and umbrella projects for my agency. We have projects of different types for all our park units, and umbrella projects that aggregate all of them in one.For example: I also have projects set up to monitor specific taxa and a number of bioblitz projects scattered throughout.

The projects are listed on the project page in a fixed position in chronological order. It would be nice to have the ability to reorganize the list to put projects I monitor more frequently at the top of the list.

Hi @nelruzam, can you clarify which page or area you mean by “projects tab”? Either with a screenshot and/or URL?


See also this potentially relevant discussion: and bug:


Sure. I mean the ‘projects’ link of the dropdown menu from the icon in the far right corner. Takes you to this page (hopefully link works):

I’m referring to the ‘Projects You Admin’ sidebar.


Got it! Thanks for clarifying.

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