Search stops working when choosing a pinned location

When typing the name of a saved location I can’t make more then a couple mistakes in words before it stops working. For example, if I type “lakexx” and then delete “xx” the saved location “lake” won’t pop up, and if I delete everything and type anything again it won’t show any saved locations. It starts working again only if I close the map tab and reopen it.

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Can you please share a screenshot, and let us know which browser you are using? I can’t replicate on my computer.

Sure, in an hour. I’m using Google Chrome.
Hm, and when I want to make a screenshot it’s working perfectly. Sorry, it’s weird, this thing happened for me all the time.

@melodi_96 I’m not a developer but this is my impression: It can be due to how the edit box that you are typing it into triggers the lookup. When you type a new letter, it sends the changed lookup string, but if you backspace/delete, it doesn’t. If you were intending to type “lakehouse”, for instance, typing up to “lake” is sending the lookup text ok, but as soon as you type the x, the lookup text isn’t going to return results that match. That is expected, and as you say, you delete the x and would expect the results to show as if you had only typed “lake”, but it doesn’t. If you now press the space bar, or the next letter of the correct spelling (ie “h” making it “lakeh”, it will re-send the lookup text and you will get the results you expect.

I am only speculating that this is the problem and the cause and the solution. It is how I “picture” what is happening when I encounter it while entering a taxa in the 4x4 shortform and type either too quickly or backspace and change mid typing. Almost always, pressing space bar will immediately bring up the CV suggestions.


I understood how to deal with it, when it happens I need to click on another add, like scissors, then get back to browser and it will be working. Though I’d prefer if it wouldn’t happen at all.