Typing a place name no longer works in Identify UI (worked fine yesterday)

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Safari 16.0 on macOS 12.6 (haven’t tried other browsers yet)

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

Step 1: Click “Identify” in banner at top of page

Step 2: Click on any observation to bring up the Identify UI

Step 3: Click on “Suggestions” atop the right panel

Step 4: Click on “Place:”

Step 5: Click in the text field at top of the “Place menu” that appears after step 4.

Step 6: Start typing the name of a place. Normally this would pop up an autocomplete list based on what I type, and then I would click on something in the autocomplete list to change the selected place. This worked for me as recently as last night. But tonight, no autocomplete list ever appears, and thus I can’t change the place to anything that doesn’t already appear in the “Place menu”.

In the example shown in the screenshot, I typed “Nepal” but no autocomplete list ever appeared, so I couldn’t actually select the place named Nepal.

Also fails the same way in Chrome (105.0.5195.125) on macOS 12.6.

I tried to test Firefox but it just keeps crashing on me, I probably need to update it. In any case this is clearly a change in iNaturalist and not a change in the browser or OS, since it did work yesterday.

I can reproduce this on Firefox 104.0.2 on mac, with the following error appearing in the console with every keypress in that field:

this happens in the taxon suggestion / comparison tool in both the Identify screen and the Observation Detail screen. it appears to be related to the changes for the APIv2 testing, but it happens regardless of whether you’re testing the new API or not.

Thanks for reporting. This should be fixed now on Identify and the observation page compare tool

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Yep, all fixed now – thanks for the quick fix!