Setting up a project for periodical events?

So I know we can create a project that automatically includes observations from selected months. But is there a way to create one for multiple date ranges throughout the year?

Since 2020, I’ve been running #InverteFest, an invertebrate-centric social media shenanigan that includes various activities, but the one relevant to this question is a bioblitz. The dates are always the last 7 days of April, August, and December (24-30 April, 25-31 August, 25-31 December).

I’ve been creating a new project every time the event happens. i.e. this is the current one. But the “3 times a year” schedule means my projects page quickly fills up. Now I’m wondering if there’s a way to set up a perpetual project for this?


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You could make an umbrella project, and include the various dates.
Not sure if that would help you at all ?


I don’t think that there’s a way to use multiple date ranges. You could make a feature request for this perhaps?

But I agree with @dianastuder that an umbrella project is a good way to do this. It’s done for many yearly repeating projects. Each date range/year has its own project something like:
A Project 2022
A Project 2023
A Project 2024

And then
one Umbrella project to rule them all,
one Umbrella project to find them
one Umbrella project to bring them all
and on iNaturalist bind them


I follow 4 projects for this year’s CNC. And unfollow them once the IDs are done.
CNC is so big they have TWO umbrella projects this year.

right, this is what I thought too. thank you both!