Section non available when modifying the taxon

Platform: website

Browser : Vivaldi


Screenshots of what you are seeing:
2023-11-16 13.49.32 46000c63e2d1

Description of problem:

Step 1: I try to modify the taxon Orobanche crenata to attribute it to section Speciosae (

Step 2: if I type “speciosae” in the available space, the section Speciosae (taxon number 1509654) is not provided as one of the available taxa.

Step 3: other sections Speciosae are available but they belong to different genera together with some speciosa species.

Thank you

Can’t you put in the taxon number in the previous field?

I had tried but the first field seems to be automatically filled when you select a taxon from the next field.

I think you need to put the number in but leave the name field blank.

go below the suggestions, and click “Browse All Species” (or rather the equivalent in your site language), if it is present. you should be able to search for all matches to sect. Speciosae from there.

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A good way to find back sections is to add syn. In our case add Orobanche sect speciosae as syn.

It worked. It was well-hidden among various speciosus, a, um taxa

I hope that both the “info taxa search” and the “browse all species” could be set to highligth as the first results the exactly matching taxa.