Incorrect species count on taxa page

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

Taxa page shows 0 of 11 species seen - per screen capture 1
There are many more than 11 species entered - per screen capture 2

It is not a language issue as I see the same if I switch to English
It is not an immediacy thing as the species are long ago entered, so not a page refresh or cache issue etc.

maybe something to do with the import from WSC?

from the edit name page (without saving!)

That should be a default message regarding the source you enter when creating the species. There is no auto import tool from WSC, all spiders have to be created manually using the new taxa page.

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Does deactivating (or would it be “inactivating”?) and reactivating the taxon fix things? You’d have to deactivate all the children too which would be a pain but sometimes that fixes other issues with taxa.

As a test I inactivated and then reactivated 1 species, the count remained unchanged.