See one observer on umbrella project leaderboard

I have several umbrella projects with the very useful leaderboard shown - is there a way to see that leaderboard/map for one observer at a time?

there is nothing that i’m aware of in the standard iNat web pages that will allow you to get this kind of information. however, it may be possible to get this information via the API. for example, just extending an item from Make Umbrella project dashboard style available for collection projects - Feature Requests - iNaturalist Community Forum, you could see how many observations you have for each component of the sc-state-parks project by just adding one extra parameter:,109420,127564,147084,147163,147164,147165,147166,147169,147171,147172,147173,147174,147176,147179,147185,147186,147187,147188,147189,147193,147195,147196,147199,1597696,175285,175292,175344,175350,175352,175363,175743,175750,175751,175796,175797,175798,175824,175825,175828,175846,175847,175856,175876,175877,175896,175897,175898&user_id=sc_beetles

It would be handy to have the same sort of filter option we get in explore for projects. I can get a version of this on my app, but I would love to filter on individual observers or taxa from an umbrella project main page - e.g. see at a glance how many wrens have been seen at SC state parks with the leaderboard.
Oh well .

i don’t think it makes sense to recreate Explore on the Umbrella Project page just so that you can see multiple variations of the component project bar chart. as noted in that other thread, Umbrella Project page is not a particularly efficient page, and much of its inefficiency is related to the bar chart. i’d be really surprised if iNat staff would want to add any new functionality to that page that’s not totally necessary. you could make a feature request, but…

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