View Umbrella project leader board with filters

Any way to view an umbrella project leader board filtered on user or dates? I would find it helpful to see how many observations are in each collection project for an individual user/ date.

I’m pretty the project page itself can’t do this, but do you have a specific example? That would make it easier for us to understand exactly what you want.

I would like to be able to filter on a user / date to verify number of observations per park on the leaderboard. I can of course use explore, but I lose that.

seems like this is basically the same topic as in that other topic, i tell you how to basically get the same kind of information as you’re asking for here.

Looks good, but all the observations qty say N/A

And I have many

you changed the name of your project since i originally described how to get the data. just change the URL to reflect the new name.,109420,127564,147084,147163,147164,147165,147166,147169,147171,147172,147173,147174,147176,147179,147185,147186,147187,147188,147189,147193,147195,147196,147199,1597696,175285,175292,175344,175350,175352,175363,175743,175750,175751,175796,175797,175798,175824,175825,175828,175846,175847,175856,175876,175877,175896,175897,175898&user_id=sc_beetles

I did - couldn’t get it to work before either - what am I missing?

your project slug is south-carolina-state-parks-ultimate-edition, not sc-state-parks-ultimate-edition.

My mistake - thank you very much! Just what I needed. That will work fine

Very much appreciate your time and patience.

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