Seek: Add a species search area

Kids pass my front garden as they go to and from a nearby school. For reasons of safety and public liability etc they cannot come into the garden. However, they can see the wild flowers and read a giant plant label that I put up each week. To engender an inquisitiveness about and a love for nature I would like to encourage them to use Seek in their own gardens and the countryside, instigating this by suggesting they look up the highlighted species by name. There may be other good reasons to include a species search box.

There is one thing weich they can do:
Species in the Area Show up in seek and when you klick on them you can get a little bit of information.
If they are taller kids you may suggest to them using the inat app too.
Wonderful what you are doing with your plant signs!! A very good way to grow knowledge about nature.
I am sure other people have a look at them too.

Maybe you share a picture of one of your plant signs with us?
Could cause some inspiration for others. ^^


Thanks for the suggestions.


Very nice. :D
I suppose you can observe many insects there. :)

Yes, unexpected bonus this week: Six-belted clearing moths. Eventually I aim to advertise the insects too, so, again, the ability to search for the species would be useful.

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Closing this, Seek is not really designed for searching taxa in this way, the goal is to encourage people to get out and find organisms.