Seek app beta persistent crashing

Platform : Android

App version number : Version 2.8.2 (128)

Description of problem : The problem first occured yesterday around 1300 GMT. I was using the seek app to identify plants in an area with little to no mobile phone signal. I successfully identified a plant and when I subsequently tapped the “View Species” button the app crashed to a white screen. Whenever back button is used from here the app closes completely. I assumed this was due to there being no signal available and thought nothing of it.

Screenshot of white screen from crash below.

Following this event, every time I try to view any observations in the app, it crashes to the white screen, this now occurs regardless of data connectivity. I’ve noticed this now happens both after taking a photo and tapping the view species button or when tapping on any listed observations in the “my observations” section of the app.

If I were to try and replicate the issue I would take the following steps.

Step 1: ensure no data connectivity is available.

Step 2: capture a photo to identify a species using the seek app.

Step 3: click on view species button.

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I believe this should be fixed in the latest beta, 2.8.2 (132). Please let us know if you’re still having issues.

It is now fixed, yes, thank you!