Seek app crashes when posting to iNaturalist

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS

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Step 1: Take photo outside app using phone camera.

Step 2: Use camera button in Seek to choose photo from phone photo album.

Step 3: Seek makes ID.

Step 4: I click “post to iNaturalist.”

Step 5. The app crashes and shuts down. Happens about 60% of the time. Results in data uploading to iNaturalist but not the photo. Have deleted and redownloaded the app. Happens at varying levels of cellular signal.

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@shannonmarvel I can’t replicate.

  • are you on a strong, stable internet connection when this happens?

  • are you changing or adding anything on this screen before posting to iNat? (the black circle is to cover the roadkill snake photo from my screenshot)