Seek: challenges are harder for frequent users

To the developers of Seek:
is it an intended funcionality that when you already have a bunch of species in your Seek observation list and a new challenge starts, then re-sighting of one of those species does not count for the challenge? That would seem to me like a ‘punishment’ for those who use the app frequently, making it harder to complete a challenge (maybe those users will get pushed to use iNat subsequently, so it is intended :wink:)

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But isn’t that just the thing? To find new Species, you haven’t caught so far?
Sure, you always can provide pictures of the same Species, I read that is helpful, too.
But if there is a challenge that sounds just not for you, you won’t have to take it…
If there would come up a Challenge to find ten different fishes. I wouldn’t take it, for example.
But if it is something you can complete somewhen… you can take all the time you need… at least I suppose that the challenge doesn’t close up.
And if you take your time and find more new Species than there is the chance that you provide more observations to inat than you would have done without the challenge.

I do think it would be fun to be able to do things like ‘yearlists’ or ‘big days’ on Seek where you set an amount of time and see how much you can find in that time. Granted most people who are that into yearlisting/big days would rather just use the regular iNat app or site but I could see it being a fun challenge on Seek too.

Fair enough. I was just interested in whether this was an intended feature or if it is just the outcome of the inherent method of counting each species only once

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