Seek: Species in the Area

There is this great function that you are able to see in the app, which Species have been found in your area.
Maybe it only can show a certain number of them.

As for reptiles, it only shows two in my area.
But I have a picture of a snake in my observations, which isn’t mentioned yet and it doesn’t show up.

First, I thought it have to be sent to inat and inat synchronizes back to seek, from time to time.

  • But as I have read now, “Seek” is not provided back by inat data.

So how does it work? - Will the Species in the area only show more actual data after an update for seek? Or when do new observations of all the people find there way in the seen Species of the area?

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Looks like the observation was submitted yesterday, which is too soon for it to be included for the seen nearby function of Seek.

Actually a few das earlier in seek.
I added it manualy at the observations on inat later.

But so it just is “wait” and from time to time, species in the area update automatically?

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